28 February 2016

Maxthon Browser Terbaru Offline Installer

Maxthon Browser Terbaru Offline Installer.

Maxthon Browser merupakan sebuah Browser terbaru yang telah di liris oleh pihak Maxthon supaya para penggunanya yang menginginkan fitur tabbed yang jauh lebih baik dari sebelumnya. Maxton browser ini memiliki based dari Internet Explorer namun memiliki fitur dan tampilan yang jauh lebih baik.

Maxthon Browser Terbaru ini dikembangkan berdasarkan teknologi MSA (Maxthon Smart Acceleration) dimana memungkinkan anda dapat melakukan browsing dengan lebih cepat. Sehingga Maxthon Browser terbaru ini juga merupakan pilihan yang sangat tepat bagi anda pengguna komputer Low-Medium.

Maxthon Browser Terbaru Offline Installer

Software functionality, Maxthon:
  • Tabbed Browsing feature
  • Control by moving the mouse. (By pressing the mouse button and moving the mouse in any direction you can apply various command)
  • Special features Drag & Drop
  • Remove online advertising
  • RSS Feeds
  • Side support for Internet Explorer
  • Supports different skins
  • Software capabilities Maxthon
Tabbed Browsing Interface Browse multiple web pages simultaneously in one window:
  • Maxthon is a powerful tabular interface to browse the Internet by using the Windows task bar interface, you can no crowded together multiple sites and open a window In these review mode is easier because the information relating to the loading space seen from the site at the top of the table.
  • Mouse Gestures:
  • Give commands to your browser by mouse! Mouse gestures feature activated by getting a mouse button and move it to one side, the browser shows the mouse Bdhyd.hrkat another revolution in the industry over the Internet. Some people say that this is like doing Kung Fu with the mouse.
  • Super Drag & Drop :
  • Maxthon has created a new revolution in increasing the speed of browsing web pages, so you just drag a link Vbyndazyd to be opened in the new table, you can link to anywhere you want to look at this as text selection and to look anywhere by your default search engine on the Internet looking for.
  • Privacy Protection protects your personal information to:
  • You can with a few clicks past; Vsfhaty cookies that have been recorded by the program, passwords and delete. You can now Aynhara to Set the start or closing Maxthon clear that the effect of your actions did instead.
  • Bar Favorites:
  • Maxthon a Favorites bar to the environment Shmaazafh that by which you can link to the folder is located in the folder your interests or any folder that you want to access.
  • AD Hunter Hunter annoying ads on the Internet:
  • Sudden flashes advertising pages advertising pages floating images …. All and all things are annoying but they are all comfortable with Hunter propaganda. These programs all ads (even within the site) can Rami block of them and you will be comfortable.
  • Support Google Bar fully support the Google Toolbar:
  • Is the Google Toolbar can install on the browser other than Internet Explorer browser? The answer is no, but for Maxthon Maxthon answer is yes because of Google Toolbar is fully supported. External programs Maxthon bar with a few simple clicks, you can run the program from your system, you can even set them to start and run Maxthon Maxthon be closed as well.
  • Skins replacement shells browser:
  • Maxthon supports flexible skins used to make beautiful look with shell icons also change the design of the browser over 300 layouts in this website data and allows users to select and change the skins of their choice to your taste that.
  • Bold key words found by the search bar:
  • Using this feature, after the completion of all terms related to your search term in the Search websites in color and also helps the user to reach your answer.

Maxthon Browser Terbaru Offline Installer

Size: 45 Mb
=> Maxthon Browser Offline | DirectLink
=> Maxthon Browser Offline | Alternatif

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